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New Ventures - Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained

Eanna Meritt Gallery is in its infancy during this difficult time, testing the foundations of our goal: to offer low, to no-cost representation to disadvantaged female artists.

The artists we represent come from turbulent backgrounds, many being unable to function within the frameworks of modern society. These artists have, at times, turned to drug use or illegal activities to survive. As an activist and ex-con who wholly believes in rehabilitation and supporting those in need, I have created this gallery space to discover, bring recognition to, and offer real financial opportunities for those talented individuals. We encourage self-sufficiency, confidence, rebuild broken families, and help eliminate recidivism among the talented artists in our community through therapy, workspace, supplies and a safe family atmosphere. Our special limited editions project Seuss x Street by Emma Bentley is solely intended to bring recognition to and provide the needed materials and financial support for our current artists who are desperately struggling during this time. All monies raised directly benefit the artists!

I am Emeline Gillette, Managing Director of Eanna Meritt Gallery, please help support my Team and my passion project and dream - providing a viable source of real income, recognition, and value to disadvantaged and formerly incarcerated female artists within the Fine Art world!

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