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Graffiti Digital Art
Seuss x Street Project
Abstracts On Canvas
NFT Collectables
Limited Edition Prints

Emma Bentley leads an unconventional life of an artist. Working with a wide array of media, and constantly pushing boundaries, she is known for themes based on cultural commentary, childhood nostalgia and moody abstracts with a richness in style.

Emma Bentley, Digital Artist

Archival Pigment Prints
Graphic Colorful Fine Art
Featuring Affordable Selections
by Modern and Contemporary
Blue Chip Masters

Select graphic prints by modern and contemporary masters from one of last year’s larger exhibitions. Featuring bright color and bold lines, discover a curated selection of eye-catching prints by the most iconic blue chip artists of yesterday and today—all available to buy now.

Andy Warhol Mildred Scheel II Dot 238

Mixed Media Fine Art
Digital Arts
Illustration and Animation

BrieAna Gillette, a new, upcoming multi-talented artist, with multiple awards and professional credentials. BrieAna's visionary style and skill have produced some of our favorite contemporary pieces. Inspired by fantastical and mythical storytelling, her work could hardly be described as standard.

Brie MG, Illustration Artist

Fine Art Prints
Featuring Modern Masters 
and World-Class Impressionists

A collection of archival quality images featuring modern masters and world-class impressionist and post-impressionist art. Inspired by the radical innovations of late 19th-century painters and sculptors, the 20th-century modernists pushed art to new frontiers of expression and abstraction, rewriting the rules about what constituted art and how its materials could be used.

Paul Gauguin, Artist

Eanna Meritt Gallery

NFT Collection

OpenSea Ethereum Blockchain 
Digital Collectables Featuring
Goldies V1
Generotic Art
and more

Eanna Meritt Gallery is now offering one of a kind, bespoke, commissioned and original NFT collectables packs by new, underrepresented, female artists. Every NFT pack offered includes a single-edition printed collectable artwork, hand-embellished and signed by the artist. All royalties to our charitable foundation.

Ingressive Aspect Jazz
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