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Artist Submissions

Share your portfolio to become a featured artist.     

Thank you for your interest in having Eanna Meritt Gallery potentially represent your artwork. We are actively seeking submissions from all over the world that exhibit skill and passion and who show a strong commitment to their careers as artists.

Our gallery does not operate on a commission basis. Artists are free to set their own pricing or benefit from our recommend pricing strategies. We believe that artists should profit from their hard work and strive to set our gallery apart by providing substantial benefit to you as an artist through our gallery representation.

Artists may submit their work to the gallery via email or link a digital portfolio which includes high resolution images of their artwork, Artist Statement, Artist Bio and CV in the form below.

We understand this process can be challenging and frustrating and will do our best to discuss your goals, however due to the substantial number of submissions we receive we may not be able respond to every submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Thank you!

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