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Eanna Meritt Gallery represents over 50 national and international artists and maintains close ties with scores of additional artists as well as galleries and publishers.

We offer a wide range of art styles- pop, digital, contemporary, traditional, Asian – in any price range and offer our clients choices from decorative to museum-quality investment art.

Eanna Meritt Gallery also works with painters and sculptors to execute specific commissioned art works for homes, lobbies, boardrooms, atriums, and sculpture gardens.

We have years of confidential experience working with Private Collectors, Corporate Clients, Property Managers, Project Managers, Developers, Real Estate Investors, Corporations, Investment Banks, Foundations and Endowments, International Institutions, Hospitality & Health Care Industry, Non-Profits, Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators, Galleries, Art Dealers, Museums and more.

Eanna Meritt Gallery offers two option plans for pricing:

I. For our Private Collectors we provide free consultation services. You only pay the retail price of the artwork (and framing and/or installation if included). There are no further charges.

II. All other consultations are offered for a flat consulting fee, based on the size and the duration of the project. Our discounts (if available) per artwork or collection are passed on to the client.

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